Bamboo Beard Comb



Have you ever seen the run of the mill beard combs other companies buy in bulk, burn their logo into it, sell it to you, then a day later it breaks in your pocket?  Yeah, we have too and we weren't impressed.  Here at True Grit Grooming Products for Men we do things a little different; we take pride in crafting only the best!  From our oils and soaps, to our hair care and now our handmade Bamboo Beard Combs. 

We use 1/4 Bamboo Plywood, that is triple weaved, meaning this comb will not snap!  This comb is designed to have flexibility and even if you intentionally tried to snap it, it would just bend and splinter.  We designed this comb and have it laser cut and etched by our friend here in Denver, Colorado USA then sanded and oiled by hand with the left over beard oil we have after a pour. Drop some Beard Oil onto your comb and enjoy!

We strive for quality, and you will see and feel it in everything we do, including our Beard Combs!  Not to be confused as a "novelty product" but as a reliable tool to keep your beard looking sharp and feeling amazing!


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