Steel Tooth Comb With Sheath (choose color)


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Steel Tooth Combs have been around for a very long time. 1913 to be exact when stainless steel was first invented.

Today people use Steel Combs for their beards and the hair on their heads. People love steel tooth combs because they are super durable and can last a lifetime (if you don't lose it) and they prevent cheap plastic combs finding their way into landfills and our oceans.


But here's the thing...most steel tooth combs can damage you hair! Today's steel tooth combs are cut with a CNC machine and the process leaves the edges of the teeth sharp. When you run it through your hair it is essentially scraping it, causing damage and even breakage. Not so good for your beautiful beard and hair, and especially for the man with thinning hair!


Our Blue Stainless Steel Comb doesn't have that problem! With one simple concept change the Steel Tooth Comb game was changed! That concept change was to powder coat the comb. Powder coating is crazy durable and it is super smooth. Now you can have the durability of a Stainless Steel Tooth Comb without worrying about damaging your hair.

Pass this comb down when you're dead and gone, because this comb will outlast you!


Bottle opener included at no extra cost!

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